The Power of Your Money Story

Your money story is your own deeply personal, financial narrative formed early in childhood from 2 years old and continuing through to your early 20’s.

What is your Money Story?

Your money story is your own deep personal, financial narrative formed early in childhood from 2 years old and continuing through to your early 20’s.

Your unique and individual money story created your current relationship with money.  This relationship influences the way you work, your career or business choice, spending and savings patterns, the types of partners you choose and whether or not you feel financially confident.

Take a moment to reflect back on what it was like financially, growing up in your family.

How did your parents talk (or argue) about money?

What is the earliest money memory you have and what emotions does this bring up for you, thinking about that event?

These questions and many more like them, will help you uncover your money story.

Why Your Story Matters

Many of us, have internalised negative beliefs about money or our worthiness of having wealth.  If this is the case for you, no matter how hard you work to earn, save or invest, your money story will limit your financial results.

That’s why it’s time to learn more about your money story. Investing time to self-reflect or engage the help of a coach to unpack your financial narrative, can be a difficult yet empowering exercise.  Once you uncover the deep-rooted beliefs you have about money, you may well discover there are some money beliefs you no longer want to hold on to.

“Managing money effectively is both an inner and outer job”

If you’re struggling with the ‘outer-doing’ (managing cashflow, overspending or over saving, too afraid to step into investing, working hard for not enough results or financial procrastination) then it’s time to look at the inner work. That is, what you deep, deep down believe about money, your financial emotions and patterns and behaviours.

Understanding why you do what you do with money is the first step to overcoming your challenges. Sometimes, we’re just too close to see what’s going on inside and that’s where a money coach can help.

You weren’t born a spender or a saver.

You developed your financial behaviours and money stories based on what you experienced around money growing up.

Knowing your Money Story is powerful

Identifying and rewriting my money story over three years ago was one of the most empowering things I’ve done in my life.

Whilst I was well educated in my late 20's of all the right things to do with money (studying Accounting and then Financial Planning), that wasn't how I was taught to manage my own money, growing up.

Financial coaching helped me become me more engaged with myself, my money and given me a true understanding of why I did what I did with money. I then learned strategies to over-ride my childhood patterning and financial behaviours.

I’m now better connected with myself and others, with what’s important to me and as a result have become a better parent, partner and manager of my money.

Through a money coaching methodology, I’ve guided over a hundred individuals and couples to deep-dive into their childhood and life, through a financial lens.

Over 4 sessions we identify the origin of financial patterns and behaviours holding you back or blocking you. We also uncover your financial beliefs embedded in your subconscious, currently outside your awareness which drive your behaviours. With this insight, together we create a plan using a combination of psychological, emotional and financial strategies to wire healthier neural pathways and transform their relationship with money, both inner and outer.

We’re all living our own Money story

You can’t change the past but you can change whether or not you want to stay bound to it. Do you like where yours is headed? If not, you can re-write the plot so you get the ending you really desire.

I changed my Money Story, and so can you.

Once you have a better sense of the factors and experiences that shaped your relationship with money, you can more effectively identify the barriers and blocks holding you back as well as those ones contributing in a positive way.

Is it time for you to unlearn what you learned about money growing up?

If that's a yes..... Let me show you how.


Karen Eley is a financial coach with more than 20 years’ experience as a financial adviser. Through her business, Women Talking Finance, she helps women to be confident and knowledgeable about all things finance. Karen translates complex financial concepts into simple digestible ideas.

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