Confusion and avoidance aren’t great investment strategies

Having the courage to say “I don’t know” is one of the most powerful learning tools we have - and the best first step !

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What drives your financial behaviours? The 8 money types reveal all

Money types are designed to be “teachers”. They help us to grow and develop so we can reach our financial potential. The best thing about these money archetypes is they’re not fixed. As your behaviour and financial awareness changes and evolves, so will your money types. Are you ready to better understand your relationship with money, and take stock of where you are right now? Then read on to discover which money types you identify with!

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Super - what? How to decipher your super statement and what it all means

Your super is likely to be the second biggest asset you’ll own (next to your home), so let’s show it some respect!

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Property Investing – Top tips for beginners

So, you’ve decided property is your strategy for creating wealth or you’re thinking about purchasing your first investment property. It’s an exciting but daunting proposition – we get it! That’s why we’ve called on investment property expert, Natalie Abbott, Principal at Property Manager Adelaide, to share with us her top property search tips.

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