Confusion and avoidance aren’t great investment strategies

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Thinking about investing but not sure of which approach you should take? Or maybe you didn’t know yet there were different investment styles… Let’s talk about the 2 different investing styles – active and passive investing. Each investing style has its own pros and cons so let's explore what are they so you can determine which approach is right for you.

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5 financial lessons from 2023 to carry into 2024

As we start the new year, what are 5 lessons from 2023 we can carry into 2024.

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5 Reasons Why Receiving Is Harder Than Giving

Do you experience inner discomfort when someone gives a compliment or gift to you, or can you truly embrace and appreciate the generosity and kindness being extended to you?

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What women need to know about deducting work from home expenses

Don’t wait till tax time to pay attention to the changes. The new record-keeping requirements start on 1 March 2023. Here’s what you need to know.

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If hearing, there’s only 5 more weeks till Christmas is raising your anxiety levels – here are 5 tips for creating calm and saving money this year

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The Power of Your Money Story

Your money story is your own deeply personal, financial narrative formed early in childhood from 2 years old and continuing through to your early 20’s.

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How women can build their financial literacy

While we wait for the slow-moving dial of gender financial equality to shift, there are things women can do for themselves to positively impact their financial situation …Hello, financial literacy.

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How to invest in volatile times

Investing a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis is a popular investment strategy called dollar cost averaging. This strategy reduces the chance of investing your money at a bad time, as your money is invested in smaller, regular intervals. Dollar-cost averaging also provides a disciplined way to save for the future, as it gets you in the habit of consistently saving (and investing).

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What is an ETF?

ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are bought and sold on the ASX like any other Australian listed company, however, they are not a business (like BHP, Woolworths or Telstra). They are an investment fund that can invest in various types of investments, with the aim of creating capital growth and income.

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