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one-on-one MONEY coaching

What to expect in a One-Off Coaching Session

- Financial guidance and education on your goals, cash flow & budgeting and your current financial stress or problems.

- Review of your current financial statements such as super, personal insurance, credit cards and debt, or savings statements.

- Gain clarity on your financial path and direction for your future
- Create a plan for your money based on the goals you are wanting to achieve.
- Feel motivated, less stress and excited about your financial future and capabilities.

Individual sessions are 1 hr and can be in person (if you're in Adelaide) or via Zoom.

Session cost is $450+gst, or 2 sessions for $750+gst

We can begin with a free 15 minute chat to see if we're the right fit.

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Financial Transformation Package

A supportive process where we examine your past financial experiences and how they came to be - we call this your “Money Story’. Discover the blocks holding you back and be given new strategies so you can re-write your secure and financially-free future.

This package is a transformational experience where you’ll create long-lasting positive habits around money, be given a written action plan and the accountability to reach your financial goals.

Delivered over 3 months and six sessions, working together one-on-one.

Session 1: Money Stories
Become aware of your money blocks. We deep dive into your childhood experiences to discover how your relationship with money has been shaped. You’ll have a new awareness of the events and experiences that have formed your money psyche.  Now you can own your money story– every chapter of it.

Session 2: Identify your triggers & Money Types
Visually map out your money triggers, emotions and behaviours currently blocking and sabotaging your financial position. Discover the deep and dark origins of your behaviours – why you do what you do with money. Learn about the 8 Money Types and how to harness their strengths and overcome sabotage.

Session 3: Repair & Restore
Unlearn the patterns you learned and subconsciously programed into yourself regarding money.  Change and transform your natural state of being – whether that be scarcity, anxiety, avoidance, guilt, lack of knowledge or confidence, under-earning or over-spending.
Build financial knowledge and sense of worthiness for wealth – taking small but significant steps through learning and action. Repattern your approach to money. Create your new relationship with money internally(thoughts, beliefs and emotional states) and externally (cashflow, financial goals, saving and investing).

Sessions 4 – 6: Redesign & Align Once we’ve created a new inner money foundation, it’s time to turn to the practical elements of managing money. Align your time, cashflow and resources with your values and goals and start growing your money through investment, debt reduction and savings.  Organise and automate your finances.  Create a banking and cashflow structure that suits your lifestyle costs while allocating money to your future financial goals. Have clarity on your financial path and protectory of your income and growing assets. Define and align your money to maximise your financial potential and future.

I know this process works so if you put in the work I request, and are not happy with your results - I'll refund your money !

The package includes coaching sessions, relevant profile tests, worksheets, calculators, financial resources and recommended strategies.

Want to discuss whether this package is right for you?
Book a free 15 minute chat to find out more.

The investment in your financial future is $2,750+gst for this coaching program - completely tailored to your needs, 1:1 coaching.

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Money is a challenging topic to talk about because they are often emotional conversations, which for many of us, are easier to avoid!

‍Yet, communicating your issues in a compassionate way is critical to having a healthy relationship and creating financial intimacy.

Money Coaching for Couples is conducted similarly to individual coaching, however, requires a minimum of 6-8 sessions x 2hrs.


Discover each others 'Money Story' beliefs and values and how they play out in your relationship.

Heal unresolved money issues which may have magnified over time during your relationship.

Learn to communicate feelings, emotions, and needs around money.

Create healthier and balanced agreements around your finances

A financial plan and path forwards, aligned to your family and individual goals.

The package includes coaching sessions, relevant profile tests, worksheets, calculators, financial resources and recommended strategies.

Want to discuss whether couples money coaching is right for you?
Book a free 15 minute chat with me and your partner to find out more.

Cost is $3,500 + gst.

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"I was referred to Karen Eley by a friend who was most impressed with her professionalism and can do approach to any perceived problem.

"I first came across Karen Eley several years ago when I attended a very informative and beneficial financial workshop that she ran specifically for women.

I was impressed with her knowledge, her obvious financial expertise, and also her friendly and warm manner. Karen's advice was practical and easy to follow. My husband and I made an appointment with Karen to discuss developing a Wealth Plan. The plan outlined specific actions we could take to improve our financial situation going forward. Karen was very helpful in walking and talking us through the process and helping us to get clarity on our financial goals. I would certainly recommend Karen to anyone seeking financial planning assistance."

Jill Andrews