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HEY there, I'm Karen.

I help women build financial knowledge and confidence so they can feel good about their finances.

I want to acknowledge you for clicking on my page.

I'm guessing you're here because you want to become more engaged with your money, understand how you can make it work harder for you, or overcome the obstacles that have been in your way to be great with money.


Do you want to learn how to manage your money (since they don't teach us in school)?
Not sure or confused about taking the first steps to get started ?

I've helped hundreds of women learn about, re-organise and manage their money effectively and most importantly, feel good about their finances.

Let me show you how.


Talking Money

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Imagine if you felt...

  • Confident talking about your finances and investments
  • In control of your money and your financial future
  • Secure knowing you had a financial safety net for wherever life took you
  • Financially independent and proud of it
  • Wealthy, whatever that means to you
  • Supported by a community of like-minded women.

Personal finance is 80% behaviour and 20% knowledge. Women Talking Finance can help you improve your financial habits and know-how.

Many women have a limiting mindset around money, and their role in managing it. Plus, rarely do we discuss finances with one another. That’s despite being happy to chat about anything else, sex included. Money can be viewed as too personal or vulgar. No longer.

The key to transforming your financial attitude and boosting your knowledge is by talking about it.

our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to create long-lasting change in our financial situation we first must examine our financial patterns and mindset.

More than likely, your relationship with money is holding you back and you’re not even aware of it.  

You relationship with money

(thoughts, feelings & beliefs)

Financial behaviour

(the decisions you make about earning, spending, saving
& investing)

Financial situation

(a result of the action you take and driven by your financial behaviours and habits)

Women who come and work with us:

  • Have ignored their finances or dropped them in the too-hard basket
  • Are afraid of numbers, maths and money
  • Have little understanding of basic financial concepts (hey, we’re not taught this stuff at school)
  • Don’t know where their money goes
  • Unsure of how much super they need in their retirement
  • Have a fear of running out of, or losing money
  • Suffer guilt and shame around their finances.

If you can resonate with any of this, you’re in the right place.

We take a holistic approach developing your financial know-how. We start with identifying the internal challenges (which are probably in your blindspot), move the problem areas into view, then work together on the external practical solutions by providing simple yet highly effective strategies so you can transform your financial life.

The result? Complete. Financial. Freedom. On your terms.

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WHAT IS MONEY coaching?

A financial coach will help you understand the basics of money management and help you develop and maintain healthy financial habits.

My job is to empower you to set and reach your financial goals and learn how to take financial responsibly. I work with women and couples who want to save money, create a budget, pay off debt or just improve their financial literacy in general.

Just like a sports coach, a financial coach teaches you the knowledge and skills you need to play the game, helps you create healthy habits that improve your performance and then encourages you from the sidelines. Same idea, much different game!

Be coached one-on-one on all things money – in person or online – with me, Karen Eley.

Let's begin with a free 15-minute chat to see if we're the right fit.

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Talk topics include:

  • Your Money Mindset
  • Wealth Creation – Increasing Your Net Worth
  • Retirement Planning Isn’t Just for Your Mum
  • Intro To Share Investing

Karen is a renowned keynote speaker and can speak on ANY financial topic (for as long as you’ll let her bang on for).

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While we can’t wave a fairy wand over your finances (sorry), we can arm you with knowledge and tools to get you on your way. Plus, by being part of our community, you won’t be alone in the journey either.

Check out our blog for some financial tips and freebies on us!


"I was referred to Karen Eley by a friend who was most impressed with her professionalism and can do approach to any perceived problem.

"I was referred to Karen Eley by a friend who was most impressed with her professionalism and can do approach to any perceived problem.

My concern was how to access my superannuation funds in semi-retirement and go through all the bureaucratic requirements without getting lost on the way. Karen was able to show me how and do so much more for me that super was no longer daunting.  She explained the concepts clearly, helped me understand my options and made a daunting financial future look a whole lot more rosy.

She has solved other associated issues and within a tight timeframe she was able to work efficiently and quickly so I had confidence to secure my plans. Karen was a pleasure to work with so much so, I’m almost disappointed that there is nothing more to resolve."

Ann Preston Flint

Real Estate Agent

Pssst...want to know the secret to wealth?

It's using a Cashflow Calculator.

Want to make your money work as hard as you do?

No idea where your money goes every month, but know there’s not much left at the end of it?  

Visibility of your cashflow (income and spending) is the key to managing money well. Without a spending and saving plan, you’ll never know how much money you have, how much money you need, or where it’s going.

If you desire financial security or financial freedom, you won’t get there if your spending habits are in your blind spot. The best return you’ll earn on your income will be investing time finding out where it goes.

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I'm Karen Eley

I was raised by my single Mum and became one myself – leaving my marriage with two young boys, $10 in my purse and no access to my bank accounts.  

We grew up poor, Mum did her best but we went without a lot, we didn’t even have a car. As a girl, I watched Mum stress each fortnight payday, managing a tight budget raising three kids on her own with no financial support from our Dad.

I learned early in life, a man was not a financial plan and I better take care of myself.


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