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Confusion and avoidance aren’t great investment strategies

Having the courage to say “I don’t know” is one of the most powerful learning tools we have - and the best first step !

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5 Money Myths You Should Ditch

Ladies, we’ve come a long way in the last 100 years – we can vote, buy property, take out a mortgage and run a business but many of us don’t take responsibility for managing our money. Money is one of those topics that have a lot of ‘collective wisdom’, but in reality, this common knowledge can actually be holding you back from having more money.

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What do you Think About Money ?

Wherever you are on your money journey, it’s important to know where we’ve come from and what’s shaped you –practically and emotionally around money. This awareness could be the difference between having a modest financial position to creating significant wealth, or for some individuals, constantly struggling with their finances and worrying about not being financially secure, to creating a sound financial future.

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Why Knowing Your Money Type Is So Important

Why Knowing Your Money Type Is So Important - They Drive All Our Financial Decisions. The eight Money Types, developed by Deborah Price (founder of the Money Coaching Institute), help us understand our unique money patterns and behaviours and motivations that influence us when it comes to our money.

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Values – Why They Matter When It Comes To Money

Values are the behaviours and activities that guide our actions. They give us meaning and purpose for our life, acting as a compass for the direction we want our life to go. A value is something you believe is important in the way that you live, work, spend time, and money.

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