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It’s not how much you earn that’s important, but how much you save.

Keen to know how much money you’ll earn over your working life? Use our Income Projection Calculator to find out an estimation of what you'll make, from now until you retire.

You might be surprised!

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You might not be a millionaire yet, but you’ll likely earn more than a million dollars throughout your working life. That’s a lot of money to handle throughout your lifetime.

So, I challenge you to consider the bigger picture; to think long-term.

Over time, what will you have to show for all the cash you’ve worked hard for? How much of it will you save and invest versus spend and consume?

Will you end up with a wardrobe to rival Meghan Markle? Or will yours be a different story?

Be conscious of where your money is going.  

Time and money are like a celebrity ‘power couple’. Paired up, they can have a massive impact on your net worth. Naturally, the earlier you start saving and investing, the longer your funds have to grow.

We spend years studying or training to earn a good income. So why not devote just a few months to learning how to make money work for you, instead of you working for money.

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Disclaimer: The calculator is based on assumptions, including an income growth rate of 3%. Total income is also in today’s dollars and not adjusted for inflation.