Your relationship with Money Starts Here

Women Talking Finance exists to deliver financial confidence, clarity and knowledge to women. We are all about creating positive change in how women think about and use their money.

our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to create long-lasting change in our financial situation we first must examine our financial patterns and mindset.

More than likely, your relationship with money is holding you back and you’re not even aware of it.  

You relationship with money

(thoughts, feelings & beliefs)

Financial behaviour

(the decisions you make about earning, spending, saving
& investing)

Financial situation

(a result of the action you take and driven by your financial behaviours and habits)

Women who come and work with us:

  • Have ignored their finances or dropped them in the too-hard basket
  • Are afraid of numbers, maths and money
  • Have little understanding of basic financial concepts (hey, we’re not taught this stuff at school)
  • Don’t know where their money goes
  • Unsure of how much super they need in their retirement
  • Have a fear of running out of, or losing money
  • Suffer guilt and shame around their finances.

If you can resonate with any of this, you’re in the right place.

We take a holistic approach developing your financial know-how. We start with identifying the internal challenges (which are probably in your blindspot), move the problem areas into view, then work together on the external practical solutions by providing simple yet highly effective strategies so you can transform your financial life.

The result? Complete. Financial. Freedom. On your terms.

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our Mission

To create positive change in how women think about and use money.

To see women actively investing, creating financial plans, making great financial decisions and most importantly, talking about money with confidence.

our Vision

Financially secure futures for Australian women.

We work exclusively with women, like you, who have ignored their finances for too long and know they need to do something now, but don’t know where to go or how to start.

Whether you’re saving for your first home, mid-life and wondering where your money has gone, managing your own investment properties or suddenly single through divorce – we’ve got you covered.

Reclaim your money and your life.

"I was referred to Karen Eley by a friend who was most impressed with her professionalism and can do approach to any perceived problem.

"Karen has been my adviser for many years, she has helped me to overcome many reservations I had about fully engaging in my financial management especially with habits and beliefs developed earlier in my life.

She is very empathetic and understands women's specific financial issues while simplifying financial concepts so they are easy to understand and implement. Not only does she know all the technical information and strategies, she offers a dimension of looking at money and finances from an emotional point of view which is extremely helpful for developing positive financial behaviours. Karen is very relatable and always makes talking about finance interesting and engaging.

Because of working with Karen, I have felt how empowering it is to really take charge of my finances; I have pretty much cleared all my debt and have started truly acquiring wealth! Karen has been nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout my journey."

Paula Davies

Company Secretary, Minda Incorporated